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Community Reinforcement for Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Community Reinforcement for Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Community reinforcement for cocaine addiction treatment can help you through recovery.

Community Reinforcement is also known as contingency management and is a type of behavioral therapy.  This therapy utilizes a rewards system that provides recovering cocaine addicts with monetary or valuable rewards when they meet certain behavioral requirements.

Community reinforcement is a behavioral therapy that works on the premise that people will perform certain actions if they are given the appropriate reward for their behaviors.  The idea is that people will do well if they are rewarded for doing well and they understand the pain or punishment that they will face for performing poorly.  It can be very difficult to overcome cocaine addiction and to feel good about recovery for some addicts; this is because of the chemical changes in the brain that result from long term cocaine abuse.  Community reinforcement helps the recovering addict to “feel” good by rewarding them with items.

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Based on the intrinsic reward system, community reinforcement helps the cocaine addict to feel successful about quitting.  By providing the addict with items that they want or need in return for making behavioral changes and not using cocaine, the feeling of accomplishment improves thus helping the addict to make better decisions to remain drug free.

Rewards Offered as Community Reinforcement for Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Various rewards may be provided as community reinforcement.  Some of the most common rewards that are offered to recovering cocaine addicts include:

  • Clothing
  • Restaurant vouchers for free meals
  • Gift certificates
  • Spa treatments
  • Appliances
  • Other services