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Types of Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Various types of treatment for cocaine addiction are offered at treatment centers.  Treatment for cocaine addiction occurs either on a residential basis or an outpatient basis depending on the individual needs of the patient.  Residential treatment for cocaine addiction is the preferred method of treatment in most cases but for some, outpatient treatment can be a highly effective form of treatment that aids in long term recovery.

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While there is no one form of treatment for cocaine addiction that is guaranteed to work for every recovering addict, there are many forms of treatment that have been proven effective in the past.  These treatments include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Community reinforcement, 12 Step programs, individual counseling, support groups, therapy and educational classes.

CBT for Cocaine Addiction TreatmentCognitive Behavioral Therapy for Cocaine Addiction

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a fast acting treatment that helps addicts to become motivated to quit using real-world techniques to avoid relapse.  This type of treatment can take place either inpatient at a residential treatment center or outpatient at an outpatient facility.

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Community reinforcement with a gift certificateCommunity Reinforcement for Cocaine Addiction

Community reinforcement is a form of cocaine addiction treatment that rewards addicts when they meet certain behavioral targets.  The reward may be a gift certificate, coupon, free meal, clothing or any tangible item that reinforces the positive behavior.

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12 Step Cocaine Treatment12 Step Programs for Cocaine Treatment

Many different types of treatment revolved around 12-step programs.  These programs use meetings and community to help recovering addicts build a solid foundation for long term recovery.  One of the most common 12-step programs for cocaine addiction treatment is Cocaine Anonymous which holds group meetings throughout the world on a regular basis.

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