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Outpatient Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine Addiction Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient cocaine addiction treatment is a great option for a person with other obligations.

Various support groups and methods of outpatient cocaine addiction treatment exist.  The most common outpatient cocaine treatment program is the 12 step program of Cocaine Anonymous which links recovering addicts together in support groups which meet throughout the country on a daily, weekly or sometimes monthly basis.  Cocaine Anonymous (C.A.) uses a method of 12 step recovery to help cocaine addicts to accept their addiction, build new lasting relationships and ultimately get the support they need to make a full recovery from this dangerous and often deadly addiction.

In addition to 12 step meetings such as those provided at various Cocaine Anonymous groups, various forms of counseling and therapy are also at the heart of most outpatient cocaine treatment programs.   Unfortunately, outpatient treatment is not always as effective as inpatient treatment for the sole reason that these programs are less heavily monitored and supervision is not provided around-the-clock for the patient which means that they have opportunities to find and abuse drugs even while they are involved in treatment.

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Outpatient cocaine addiction treatment provides limited access counseling, therapy and support to those in recovery from addiction.  Although this type of treatment is not always as effective as inpatient cocaine addiction treatment, there are some benefits to outpatient treatment and any type of treatment is better than nothing at all.

Benefits of Outpatient Cocaine Treatment

The most inherent benefit of outpatient cocaine addiction treatment is that this type of treatment does allow the patient to continue in the normal day to day routines which may include attending school or work and maintaining a family.  For patients who have young children, steady employment or are involved heavily within the community, outpatient cocaine treatment may be the most effective treatment available to help them overcome their addiction to cocaine without having to quit doing everything else in life to head away to an inpatient treatment center.

Outpatient cocaine addiction treatment does not provide housing, meals or around-the-clock care which means that all of these burdens will be placed on the recovering addict even while they are seeking treatment and help.  For an individual who has a steady job, has a safe and secure home to live in and has a supportive family that does not do drugs, outpatient addiction treatment can and often will work out well.  However, for an individual who has lost everything as a result of their addiction to cocaine, who does not have a steady job, a safe home or a supportive family base, outpatient cocaine treatment is not likely to be effective.

One of the most difficult parts of remaining drug free and continuing to live sober during treatment for cocaine addiction is finding a lifestyle that keeps the addict happy and having fun.  Cocaine alters the chemical disposition of the brain and can result in leaving the recovering addict finding it difficult to be happy, have fun or just plain “feel” good without using cocaine.  It’s important that while in treatment, no matter if it’s inpatient or outpatient treatment, the recovering addict seek a lifestyle that provides fulfillment and makes them happy.

The bottom line: Outpatient cocaine addiction treatment is not going to solve ALL of the problems that an addict has but it’s a good step in the right direction!